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Why we love what we do

Here at Magnetix Wellness, our aim is to support people in:

  • looking good
  • living well
  • earning a good additional income

Whether classically elegant or sexy and modern, our range of magnetic jewellery is so varied that everyone will find a new favourite piece there –men and women, children and adults of all ages. And not only that: we want people to feel good. That is why we offer our customers and visitors wonderful Wellbeing tips - day by day.

So easy, everyone can join in

Students, employees and the self-employed, housewives, hotel owners and shopkeepers: With us, people from all backgrounds can earn money as freelance MAGNETIX consultants – regardless of their age.

It's all quite relaxed and sometimes almost incidental – you share with other people your enthusiasm for our beneficial magnetic jewellery and you also share in the profits. That way, you ensure that both you and other people look good and feel good.

An idea in which everyone wins. And that's something we particularly like!

Our Frankfurt team

At our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main we have about 75 staff – creative minds, experienced professionals and closely involved do-ers.

"Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. I always carry my sketch book and capture pictures when travelling and visiting places of interest."


"I find it motivating to work at Magnetix, because it's never boring, there's room to develop and grow, we all work together and help and support each other"


"The more lavish the plans, the more tricky the reality." (Erich Kästner). "This is a challenge that we enjoy taking on!"


The idea of our jewellery

In 1999, when Petra Döring started designing magnetic jewellery, it was all great fun: she focused on classical colours and shapes, current trends, personal preferences and her own inspiration. She put together collections of matching items of jewellery that perfectly complemented one another – from bracelets and chains to rings and earrings. And she combined design and efficacy, because each item is equipped with high quality magnets.

Over the years the whole MAGNETIX Collection has developed its own unmistakeable 'signature'. It's to be found in every piece of jewellery and in every accessory – masterly design and meticulous production.

Press comments on MAGNETIX Wellness

Again and again, our magnetic jewellery is tipped in a wide range of different magazines. Of course, we are delighted to receive so much attention.

Always getting slightly better
In 1999, Petra Döring, who owns the company, had the idea of combining the effectiveness of magnets with elegant jewellery.

She pursues her goals in strict accordance with the Japanese Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. And successfully so: today, more than ten million customers are wearing MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery.

From Frankfurt to the rest of the world
MAGNETIX is an international brand. We speak 10 languages and have sites in 17 countries around the world.